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Pizza and Soda Donation


LOPSA-NJ – The *!#* site is down! Again!?

Speaker: John Wagner
Date: Thursday,  October 6, 2011
7:00pm (social), 7:30pm (discussion)

Pizza and Soda being brought to you by: INetU Managed Hosting

If you are planing on coming please RSVP so we have a good count for the Pizza.

Lawrence Headquarters Branch of the Mercer County Library
2751 US Highway 1
Lawrenceville, 08648-4132
See map: Google Maps

The *!#* site is down!  Again!?

At any web conference, there are always presentations honing in on how to communicate with your desired audience. But the best built site becomes useless when the platform it runs on is down. I’ll talk about the things you can do to provide a web platform in the cloud experience without platform in the cloud expenses.


John Wagner is a Systems Programmer at Princeton University and has been playing with computers since they first taught him to program “You have $100 and 3 animal types and you have to buy 100 legs” in FORTRAN. He is currently part of a group that does Infrastructure Services (email, web systems, video streaming, and SharePoint). He subscribes to the motto, “If you know we are there, we haven’t done our job”.

“LOPSA-NJ is an organization for system administrators in New Jersey formed to facilitate information exchange pertaining to the field of system administration. LOPSA-NJ is not affiliated with a particular hardware or software vendor or company. Everyone is invited!”

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