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LOPSA-NJ - Drupal: A Deployment and Upgrade Strategy

The LOPSA-NJ monthly meeting is back!  

Topic:  Drupal: A Deployment and Upgrade Strategy
Speaker:  Bill Rosser
Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012
Time: 7:00pm (social), 7:30pm (discussion)

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If you are planning on coming please RSVP ( so we have a good count for the pizza and drinks.

Lawrence Headquarters Branch of the Mercer County Library
2751 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, 08648-4132
See map: Google Maps (New link with better coordinates)


Drupal is a widely used Content Management System that allows for the quick deployment of relatively robust websites without much knowledge of the underlying issues relating to  programming choices, server operation, and database management techniques. Like most software, Drupal is in a constant state of evolution requiring periodic updates and upgrades to accommodate new features, security issues, and bug fixes. While Drupal has a recommended upgrade procedure, failure to take certain precautions can leave the unsuspecting administrator with hours of reconstruction work. In this session we will discuss some common-sense considerations with respect to the initial deployment of your Drupal application as well as a modified approach to handling upgrades.


Bill’s background includes Electrical Engineering, Physics, Math, and Computer Science. Bill was employed by Bell Laboratories for 17 years working in the fields of Microwave Electronics, Integrated Circuit design, and the development of automated testing methodologies for telecommunications circuits, and is the holder of several technology patents.

Bill has worked as an independent consultant for over 25 years across the US and in such diverse locations as Southeast Asia, The Marshall Islands, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. He is currently a Senior Partner at The CONSULT/ix Group.

Bill was instrumental in the early development of speech recognition technology. He has worked with John Hopkins Medical Center to apply this technology to the treatment of speech defects, and has been a speaker at the Audio Engineer’s Society Meeting in Montreux, Switzerland.

Additionally, Bill has presented numerous talks on a wide variety of technical subjects including Antenna Design For Limited Space Applications, Unix Application Development, Unix Based Fax Systems, and Network Threat Analysis.

Bill’s hobbies include Ham Radio, music, motorcycles, and model railroading.


“LOPSA-NJ is an organization for system administrators in New Jersey formed to facilitate information exchange pertaining to the field of system administration. LOPSA-NJ is not affiliated with a particular hardware or software vendor or company. Everyone is invited!”

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